Column Radiator Feet

Stylish and Functional Column Radiator Feet

Our range of Column Radiator Feet are specifically designed to provide an additional level of support to your wall mounted column radiator.

Made from sturdy die cast alloy, they are extremely sturdy and durable. They are also very aesthetically pleasing due to their sleek curved design, allowing them to perfectly compliment an expansive range of column radiators by seamlessly attaching to the bottom of your radiator.

Our Column Radiator Feet are designed to be used in conjunction with a top retaining stay or other suitable radiator fittings. We do offer an expansive variety of radiator accessories including Wall Stays and Sleeve Kits that go hand in hand with both your radiator, your radiator feet and your choice of radiator valve.

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  • W-FS01-W - White Column Radiator Foot (One)

    West Radiators

    White Column Radiator Foot (One)

    Brand: West RadiatorsRange: AccessoriesBarcode: 0763769986229Type: Radiator Accessory > Foot/LegCompatible Ranges:ColumnRadiators4U's ClassicDQ Heating's PetaDelonghi's Column RadiatorsApollo Radiator's RomaIncompatible With Ranges:Reina's ColonaRadiator...
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