Brushed Steel Radiator Valves

Satin (Brushed) Nickel Radiator Valves

Brass is the most popular material for the construction of radiator valves and it can be difficult to find brushed or non-brushed stainless steel ones. For many years we have provided our satin (brushed) nickel valves, which are the closest match to brushed steel that you will find. The difference is barely perceptible and, as such, this style of valve is often mistaken for brushed stainless steel.

The benefits of using brass-constructed satin nickel finished valves over stainless steel are twofold; Firstly, brushed steel radiator valves are a lot more expensive due to their higher production costs, compared to the brass alternatives. Secondly, nickel-plated brass is hard wearing and will not corrode, in contrast to poorer quality brushed stainless steel valves which will degrade over time and eventually need replacing. A choice of style, shape and connector type mean we have valves that will fit any taste, installation or budget.

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